NZ Population : 4,405,200 Immigrants : 962,072 INDIA : 47,411 (11/12)
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Why New Zealand Immigration

Why New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best places for immigration. With serene atmosphere and friendly population, it offers everything that an immigrant would want in a new country. The country has a free market economy and caters to international trade, manufacturing and service sectors. It promotes entrepreneurial opportunities and innovation in business, paving the way for foreigners to migrate and become citizens of New Zealand.

Reasons for New Zealand Migration

  • For a abundance of enviable lifestyle and career & job opportunities
  • Auckland and Wellington ranked 4th and 12th among 215 world cities
  • New Zealand is a clean country with green environment, its population of 4 million people enjoy wide-open spaces
  • Vibrant cosmopolitan city or a quiet life in the county, you'll find every option here.
  • Over 20,000 permanent and long term migrants made New Zealand their new home last year.
  • 90% of skilled migrants were happy with their lives in New Zealand after one year.
  • New Zealand has proven to be a great place for businesses to grow and prosper - and the country is full of opportunities for skilled migrant workers and professionals to develop their careers.

Benefits of immigration to New Zealand:

  • Better living conditions
  • promising employment opportunities
  • Lucrative salary
  • Safe environment
  • Better medical facilities
  • Good Education

Hence, start with the process of immigration to New Zealand and get exposed to such multiple facilities and job opportunities. Later you can apply for New Zealand Permanent Residency and Citizenship.


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