NZ Population : 4,405,200 Immigrants : 962,072 INDIA : 47,411 (11/12)
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New Zealand Evaluation

Immigration to New Zealand involves catering to certain eligibility parameters. One should apply for New Zealand visa only after being sure that he/she is eligible to apply for the visa. Applying without checking eligibility is like gambling with your money and future.

Our Evaluation service is specifically designed to check your eligibility for NZ visas. NZ follows a point based system for categories like Skilled Workers hence it becomes necessary to check whether you score required points or not. In case you are found eligible then only we’ll suggest you to apply for the visa. If we find that your profile doesn’t satisfy visa eligibility requirements then your case will not be processed. Our Evaluation scheme will protect you from any future loss which you might have incurred if not went for Evaluation.

So don’t wait. Sign up for an Evaluation today and check your eligibility.


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